Audi Pune Nov 01, 2014

Audi Pune: From Pashankar to Jubilant

Audi Pune is a new identity. The business you knew as Pashankar Auto India Private Limited has been acquired by Jubilant MotorWorks Private Limited (JMPL) with effect from 1st Nov 2014. JMPL has been in luxury auto retails since 2007 and is a sucessful Audi partners in key markets such as Chennai, Bengaluru and Manglore.

Apart from the changes of entity, the DNA of Audi, the warmth of Audipune and Audi Pune’s commitment to qualityremains the same. We have also moved to the new Audi Terminal comprising Sales, Service and Spares can be display 18 cars and service 15 cars at any time. We thank you for the support and look forward to your continuous patronage.